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Half Moon presents a Daniel Naddafy production for 0-18 months

LIVE IN VENUE TOUR – A gentle, sparkling and immersive multi-sensory experience. Available for block bookings during the December 2021-January 2022 festive period and from late November 2022 to the end of December 2022.


Come in, relax, find a space and settle.
Slowly, a shimmering surface emerges.
What does it look like?
How does it move?
Listen, what can you hear?
Welcome to a world of shiny things.
Welcome to Glisten!
An interactive performance for babies aged 0-18 months and their grown-ups.

The audience are taken on a sparkling and shimmering immersive journey exploring the world of reflective materials, wrapped up in an ambient soundscape of evocative yet laid-back music. Watch as the empty space of the theatre fills with colour, sounds and surprises, creating a sensory landscape ready to explore after the performance is over.

The perfect alternative family Christmas experience, Glisten is performed to a small audience creating an intimate and welcoming theatrical experience, beautifully co-created by theatre-maker Daniel Naddafy and visual artist Phoebe Stubbs.

This is a special version of the play that toured nationally in 2019 for the festive season.

Download image library and press kit Interview with Daniel Naddafy



Show information

  • Performances last 20 minutes (no interval), followed by an interactive free-play session where the babies can explore the tactile world of Glisten.

    Due to the intimate nature of the production, it is designed for audiences of up to 40 (children and adults).

    • Get-in: 75 minutes before half with pre-rig completed.
    • Get-out: 45 minutes after audience have cleared.
    • Venue configuration: The piece works best in an open studio format with a flat floor. A full black out is required.  The set consists of a marquee frame which is 4 meters wide by 3 meters deep. This sits on a minimum performing area of 5m (width) by 4m (depth) by 3m (height). This footprint includes room for the audience to sit. They are seated in a traverse format with the first row on cushions (toured) and a second row made up from either benches or chairs (venue to supply). If the performance space has fixed seating, please block these off.
    • This is a limited capacity piece of 40.
    • Lighting: A small, simple pre-rig of three lanterns is required (PAR64 CP62 downlight and two zoom profiles cross-lights all with no colour). We tour four lighting stands with either two/three LED PAR64. These are positioned back from the centre of each side of the frame. If the floor space is small, then the stands will be positioned at each corner of the marquee frame. Each stand will require a 13A supply please. We tour an ETC nomad so require a DMX connection to house dimmers to control any houselights and the 3 overhead units. The control position will be near to the performing space and confirmed upon arrival. A 13A supply will be required at this point. As we use wireless DMX there will be no DMX cables to the stands only the venues 13Amp supplies.
    • Sound: We are touring a laptop with QLAB. We will require a stereo mini-jack input in to P.A. preferably with a D.I. box. The sound should emanate from the performance area.
    • Staffing: There is one performer who will operate lighting and sound, but we do require 1 in-house technician to assist with get-in, focus, plot and the get-out.
    • Lockable dressing room.
    • Parking and get in access for small estate car.
    • Dedicated support from the marketing/PR and technical team at Half Moon.
    • Print – amounts agreed at point of booking. We provide A5 colour flyers and A3 posters. (NB: overprinting will be at an additional cost).
    • Images and production photos for use within venue brochures or broader usage including digital.
  • Up to 3 shows a day.

    Please enquire.

    Please note that any fees are subject to a small additional supplement if your venue makes a compulsory contra to us for your costs at the contracting stage (e.g. credit card/box office; get-in/out; marketing/brochure contributions).

  • The company are able to offer a range of bespoke creative learning activities for groups on request to complement the performance at additional costs. Please enquire for prices.

“Every glimmer and glint of light is transfixing… Though the immersive environment changes over time, Naddafy’s performance remains entrancing.”

Children’s Theatre Reviews

“A beautiful, sensory first theatrical experience for babies. The actor builds a mesmerising connection with each child at just the right pace. A delight to watch.”

Katy Snelling, Head of Programming, Nuffield Southampton Theatres

“A great sensory experience for adults and babies. Carla loved it and was fascinated by the lights and colours.”

Audience member, Off Beat Festival, Oxford

“Loved the show! Thank you for such a great performance. The sensual elements for the kids to play with were brilliant.”

Audience member, Off Beat Festival, Oxford
For more details on Glisten, or if you would like to see the piece on tour, please contact:

Chris Elwell  | 020 7709 8902 or chris@halfmoon.org.uk
Sam Luffman | 020 7709 8901 or sam@halfmoon.org.uk

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