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Road Safety

2019 – 2020

In autumn 2019 and spring 2020, Half Moon were funded by the Tower Hamlets Road Safety Team to deliver Road Safety workshops for Year 6 children across more than 35 primary schools in Tower Hamlets.

Sessions gave children practical opportunities to engage with creative thinking and encourage year 6 children to think safely about using the roads. They were able to access a recording of the specially commissioned play More Important Things (see below) to support this programme.

If your school is interested in a one-off workshop for your Year 6s about road safety, email us to find out more, including costs.


More Important Things is a play and road safety resource for young people in your school.

More Important Things explores road safety issues in an interactive way. The play offers the audience input into the story by presenting different options to the problems or issues showcased by the performers as they look at the dangers and life changing accidents that occur on roads when a busy young teenager is distracted by ‘more important things.’

More Important Things was commissioned by Tower Hamlets Road Safety team, and produced/created by Half Moon. Half Moon has toured this performance for Year 5 and 6 classes each year since 2012, 2018 being its sixth tour which included performances in both Tower Hamlets and Southwark.

For Further information from the Tower Hamlets Road Safety Team contact:

Donovan Thomas
Road Safety Officer
London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Mulberry Place
P.O. Box 55739
5 Clove Crescent
T: 020 7354 2221
E: donovan.thomas [@] towerhamlets.gov.uk

“The pupils really enjoyed the performance. The story was engaging and I think that they related to the characters.  Although there were some harrowing moments, I particularly liked the way that the children could ‘rewind’ the story, suggest some different actions that the characters could take and then contribute to an alternative outcome. Pupils were also keen to participate, felt empathy with the characters and were reminded of what is safe behaviour when crossing roads.”

Teacher from Hague Primary

“Pupils really identified with the characters. The fact that the characters were introduced really helped the pupils engage with the play and better understand it. The other themes that the play touched upon also prompted good PHSE/philosophy for children discussions in class including bullying, peer pressure, exclusion and friendships).”

Teacher from St Luke’s Primary

More Important Things – The Film

A Half Moon film commissioned by Tower Hamlets Road Safety.

Thanks to funding from Tower Hamlets Road Safety we were able to create a film of More Important Things. The film above is available as a free resource to highlight the consequences that can occur when we are distracted on the road. The film is designed to open a discussion with young people about road safety and to encourage them to make safer choices when travelling around.

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