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Developing New Performances

Half Moon is committed to creating performances which are challenging, relevant and engaging for young audiences.

All new performances are developed through meaningful interaction and consultation with young people, placing them at the heart of the creative process. Performances which challenge and inform are inherently risky, which is why Half Moon always involves the target audiences in the development of such work.

Each year, we offer a number of local nurseries, primary and secondary schools the opportunity to collaborate with us on the creation of a new performance. This can take the form of in-school workshops where artists who are at the beginning of creating a new piece explore the theme with the young people. This helps us to ensure the relevance and authenticity of the piece for other young people. Young audiences are also invited to see scratch performances in school or at Half Moon to enable young people to feed back to the artists and shape the piece as it moves towards completion.

Is your nursery or school interested in working with us to develop a new performance?

Get in touch and we will contact you when an opportunity becomes available. These are of course free opportunities so a chance to introduce your children to theatre before going on to book other trips to performances at Half Moon.

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Under 5s


In 2012, Year 9 students at Langdon Park School attended a rehearsed reading at their school of a new Half Moon play, FREE, by David Lane. The students gave the writer lots of feedback. Some of these students then attended Half Moon’s Careers in Theatre programme when they were in Year 10 as part of their GCSE Drama studies. During Careers in Theatre they worked as a production company to create a play-in-a-day of an extract from FREE. David Lane attended the day and watched and heard how the students responded to the piece. The final performance was on at Half Moon in October 2014 and some of the students attended as Year 11s, asking lots of questions of the writer, director and actors in the aftershow Textback.

Many secondary school students in Tower Hamlets have had the opportunity to see a piece of theatre develop in this way at Half Moon. It informs their understanding of how plays are developed, contributing to their critical observation skills and their overall learning as part of GCSE Drama.

Feedback from schools

Thank you so much! Being involved has been a very positive experience for staff, parents and children. The parents were all very impressed with what they saw and how well the children responded.

Harry Roberts Nursery School

Thank you so much for letting all the children see the show…their favourite game is now charades and they love guessing what the ‘actors’ are trying to perform. Too cute! Nearly all of our children have never been to the seaside and it was really special for them be ‘at the seaside’ during the performance.

Arnhem Wharf Primary School

Bringing students to a scratch performance not only gives them the opportunity to watch a play as it is being developed but to give comments and make suggestions to the company on the advancement of the piece. Drama students often have to devise their own work and by giving them this opportunity it provides them with a professional insight into the process. This opportunity gives the student an understanding of the difficulties that can arise and the creative process that needs to be undertaken. It provides them with a greater understanding of how much hard work goes into creating a piece of theatre and this coming from professionals and not their teacher is invaluable.

George Green’s Secondary School

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