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Sharings – Summer 2017

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Four of our seven Youth Theatres brought the Summer 2017 term to a close with some wonderful sharings in front of family and friends. Check out the photos below.

Eclipse – Kindlekrax

This term Eclipse have been working on the story of Krindlekrax. It takes place in a street called Lizard Street, located in a busy town with cracked pavements. It centres around a young boy named
Ruskin who wants to be the hero of a school play, but his classmates laugh at him when he puts himself forward. The role is instead given to Ruskin’s window smashing classmate Elvis. Ruskin’s only friend is the school caretaker Corky who tells him that a crocodile lurks in the sewers below and terrorises the street at night! Does Lizard Street need a real life hero?!

Congratulations to Winta and Danny for winning Recognition Awards. See the video here.

Eclipse Gallery

Equinox – It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

This term Equinox have been getting into scary stories! Starting
cosily round a campfire, this term we have gone on a journey through weird and wonderful places, filled with strange people and spooky happenings. Working as an ensemble to write their own scary story, the group have had a lot of fun exploring how props, staging and production techniques can come together to create an intriguing, if not thrilling, experience for their audience. This is not a show to sit back, relax, or enjoy…

Congratulations to Zainab and Ilyas for winning Recognition Awards.

Equinox Gallery

Lunar – The Dream Collector

This term Lunar have delved into the play ‘The Dream Collector’. A group of school children set off on an educational school trip to research the beginnings of cinema: what they find is something quite different. Would you live in another world if it meant you were never born in the first place? Family would not experience loss as you never existed. As always, Lunar have created some brilliant work stemming from interesting and moral questions. This piece is a mixture of
devised and scripted work.

Congratulations to Molly for winning the Jack Petchey Award. Also huge cheers for Kiera, who won the Recognition Award. See the video here.

Lunary Gallery

Solar – Cirque du Half Moon

Every term with the Solar ensemble we watch and anticipate with excitement as themes and styles emerge that we can build on. This term, having begun with the stimulus words, ‘fairground’ and ‘magic’, we are delighted to invite you to ‘Cirque du Half Moon’ with an array of acts that we hope will bring you joy and laughter.

We are also marking one of the oldest members of Solar moving on to what we hope will be new adventures. By way of celebrating Crystal’s contribution to Solar and wishing her well, she is playing ‘Mademoiselle’, the big boss of Cirque du Half Moon.

We invite you to whoop, laugh, and be ready to join us!

Congratulations to Soheli for winning the Jack Petchey Award. Also huge cheers for Nicholas, who won the Recognition Award. See the video here.

Solar Gallery

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